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rawn to architecture and beautiful, effortless interiors, 

Elle's style has slowly evolved overtime and over her travels. 

Very much an eclectic at heart, she is intrigued 

by the unassuming in a space. 

She loves the mix of new and old, perhaps modern 

mixed with French or New England interiors. 

Elle Yount is very much a President George Washington 

meets Picasso type girl, 

stylistically. Having a degree and background in Interior Design 

and working in both Nashville and San Francisco 

has allowed her to see all plethoras of resources in furnishings, 

art and decor over the years. Elle has always been 

on the lookout

for unique, one of a kind pieces. 

She began creating pieces for herself and her clients

and there, found her passion. 

These days Elle spends more and more of her time, 

creating, sketching, designing

and working on the never ending list of home projects 

with her husband

at their residence in Nashville, TN.  


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All Videos


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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